Short Stories

A few hot paranormal short stories will be coming your way soon. Oh yeah and did I mention they're all about girls?!?!

Swooning Shadow

Two weeks of secluded rest and relaxation is music to Katrina’s ears until she sees a woman in the forest with glowing red eyes. Red eyes that make her want to forget the rest of the world. Eyes that make her want to beg to be possessed clear down to her soul. Rayden was sent to protect her. To keep her safe and nothing else. What she finds is the mate she’s been unwilling to search for. Katrina’s spent her entire life wanting to belong and she finds it in a pack of Shadows she was destined to find. Her willing submission ignites a passion so fierce, everything she’s ever believed in will be changed forever.

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Crimson Dreams

A beach in Sierra Leon is where Kaya is drawn to after months of dreaming of nothing but her... She abandoned everything she’s ever worked for in search of a woman that she must find to survive. Nothing is as it seems when her dreams turn desperate and Delphi , the one that can change it all, is but a veil away. Having been lost for so long, she must turn her back on the world she’s always known, and sink her teeth into a love so complete that she will never be the same..

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